Intro to Rock Climbing

Top Rope Bouldering Equipment Technique

Top Rope

Top Roping requires a harness, a rope and climbing shoes.
Top Roping is what most people will try first. Top Roping requires 2 people. One is the belaying who keeps the rope tight and catches the climber if he falls. Then there is the climber who obviously does the climbing. Top roping is generally much higher than most other types of Climbing. To learn more about Top Roping Click Here


Bouldering requires climbing shoes and a mat.
Bouldering is also very popular because there is not much you must learn before starting. Bouldering is much shorter than top roping and is usually less than 20 feet. Instead of using a rope you fall directly onto a mat. This may seem dangerous but with proper falling technique it is very safe. To learn more about Bouldering Click Here.


This contains what is needed and recommended companies or items.
In Rock Climbing there will be a few items that you need in order to start climbing. This will include climbing shoes, a harness, some chalk and a few other items can be used. Most gyms will supply these items for you for a small rental fee. To find out more about reccomended Equipment Click Here.


This is about beginner technique and ways to improve your skill.
Climbing may seem very difficult at first however with some simple technique you get the "hang" of climbing much faster. To learn more about Technique Click Here.

Example of Climbing


Question: Is climbing a sport?
      The short answer is Yes.
      However if you need an explanation
      here we go. Climbing is sport
      for I think three main reasons.
      One: It is now in the Olympics.
      As of 2017 climbing will make it's
      first appearance in the 2020
      Olympics.Two: People devote a ton of 
      time andput in just as much work as 
      any other sport to get better. There
      are also professional climbers who 
      have sponsors and compete all around
      the globe for a living. Three: 
      There are competitions all around
      the United States evey weekend.
      Competitors off all ages compete 
      against each other for fun or 
      sometimes money.
      How long is an average  competition? 
      The average competiton is 
      usually four hours. However an 
      official competition like nationals 
      will last must longer because it is
      a different format of competition.
      Don't you get scared up there?
      Answer: Yes, most of the time 
      climbing is very safe and to an
      experienced climber, not scary. 
      However, sometimes there is a 
      section of a climb that is scary.
      This might be because the fall is
      scetchy of the move goes to a bad 

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